About Us

Family Atmosphere: Family Time, True Team, Life-long Employees

Brent Redmond Transportation is run by a former trucker and is sensitive to the fact that most truck company owners simply do not get it. They don’t know, or don’t care what goes into this difficult and important job. But at Brent Redmond, we understand what goes into the life of a trucker, sacrifice and hard work.

That is why we provide the newest, safest trucks, with cutting edge technology that allows you to make the same amount of money or more, while never worrying about riding dirty. We also provide top notch benefits for our drivers, the same benefits as management.

The last job you will ever need is waiting for you at Brent Redmond where every member of the team is a family member. Families don’t always agree or get along but at Brent Redmond we respect every employee. The owner and management are just a phone call away and the doors to their offices are always open.


Safety: New Peterbilt Trucks, APUs, Low CSA Scores

Brent Redmond keeps their fleet looking beautiful on the inside and out, this includes maintenance done as needed and truck-washes every few weeks. By using only the finest trucks, we know that even on the toughest grades you are safe. That is the peace of mind that we provide at Brent Redmond. Our employees are the industries best and they deserve to be equipped as such.

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Technology: E-Logs and QUALCOMM System

At Brent Redmond, you get dispatchers who work with you to utilize Qualcomm’s industry best truck loading management system. Electronic logs, or E-Logs, can be intimidating to some drivers.

Something we often hear drivers questioning when switching to electronic logs is…

“Yes, I never have the stress of having to speed or cheat on my log books, or worry about getting stopped at a weigh station, but how will I ever make as much money as before?”. This is something we often hear when drivers are switching to electronic logs. Not only are electronic logs here to stay, but the pay you receive will be as good, or better, than before you used E-Logs.


Pay and Benefits: Top Pay and Quality Benefits

At Brent Redmond we like to think of ourselves as different than other trucking companies. We know the sales pitch that every trucking company has “We pay the most per mile of any trucking company in the U.S.” Because of this many drivers are skeptical, as well they should be. We can promise one thing, that our pay and benefits compare with all the best trucking outfits around.

But it is more than pay and benefits. You are treated as family at Brent Redmond, and honored as the true heroes that you are. Our family atmosphere, safety record, technology, and pay scale make Brent Redmond the premiere destination for the top drivers.

We proudly ask you to talk with one of our drivers to hear it directly from them, just give us a call at 1-831-637-5342.