Welcome, this is Brent Redmond, owner of Brent Redmond Logistics. I originally started in the industry driving trucks, and now I run an operation running reefers across the west coast. At Brent Redmond Logistics (or BRT), we have long viewed drivers as an important and valued member of our team and the BRT Family.

Our slogan, “Heroes in the Cold War”, may not have a lot of historical significance to the newest generation of trucker, but the message that our drivers are the heroes of our company still resonates to this day. We have created a new website, www.brentredmond.com, and accompanying blogs, to start a dialog and become a resource for all drivers.

We have created an owner/operator blog and a company driver blog. Some blog posts will apply to all drivers and will appear on both blogs. However, many of the posts will be specific to either owner/operators or company drivers.

The industry is going through a period of technological transition, and there can be a lot of myths floating around out there. We will make sure to always check our facts and try to look forward to where the industry is headed. At Brent Redmond Logistics we have been, and continue to invest in new technologies that we believe will improve our ability to serve our client base.

However, just because a technology is new does not mean it is better, and we will try to analyze the pros and cons of any new technology we write about. We ask our readers to interact and comment when they have something to share. If you want to read about a certain topic feel free to ask or request a new blog post.

Driving has always been a tough, but rewarding job and that is certainly still the case today. New technology and ways to communicate should offer some sort of benefit to those actively involved. That is my hope, that both the owner/operator blog and company driver blog provide benefit and provoke conversation with drivers from Brent Redmond Logistics and beyond.