An owner of a trucking company is often faced with many challenging decisions. One decision that I made was to invest in better performing vehicles. Making an investment in more efficient equipment made sense, as fuel costs have always been a major expense in the trucking industry.

The technological changes that the industry is going through have been difficult for many companies. But trucking is evolving, and at Brent Redmond Logistics we try to stay ahead of future rules and regulations. A positive by-product of the decision to buy new trucks and equipment was the decrease in emissions we produce, which is important to many of our customers. But from a business perspective, we made the capital investment because we believed it would pay for itself and lead to additional savings throughout the life of the truck.

KION did a profile on new trucking emission regulations and featured Brent Redmond Logistics. Please view the video on our blog and let us know what you think, or what your company has done.